Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Its been quiet on this blog…very quiet. I suppose there could be two reasons for that; either is nothing to say or that it is very noisy in other places. I would have to say that the latter is true. Anyone who’s been in the spot that we are would know that with 5 children at home ranging in age from 13-22 would bring “noise” enough of its own. We are in the climax of child training. This is the place where one sees the fruition of those first years of child training (or lack thereof). With an upcoming wedding and 2 boys dating; to juggling four vehicles in a small driveway to plan who has to park where depending on who needs to get out first in the morning; and being a constant on call taxi driver; with trying to figure out everyone’s schedules so we can have family time and the almost impossibility of having everyone around at the same time for a family picture; along with being and on call 24/7 counselor to buying enough groceries to feed this tribe life becomes quite interesting. In fact it is very “noisy”.  But I wouldn’t trade spots with anyone else for a million dollars. What a blessing to have all these “things to do”.

There is another reason why this blog has been “quiet”. There has been lots of other “noise” going on in this house as well but that “noise” is getting very “quiet”. Last night at 11:00pm final corrections (I hope) were made and Seasons of the Heart was completed! Yesterday my dear sister Linda and I were talking and we were both not totally pleased with some of the layout design so we embarked as a team, each on a computer, on a 4 hour sprint making changes until it met our perfectionistic expectations….thanks Lin, and today it will be out of my hands and on to the publisher.
With the conception of this project being 11 months ago I must say it has been a major “noise” not only in my life but in the life of our family. I am so thankful for the support of my husband and the kids for without that it would have been drudgery. It has been a year of researching, writing, typesetting and design, corrections and more corrections and Lord willing by the end of this week it will be going to print. To be honest it feels like a great relief but, it has been a part of me for so long it doesn’t seem quite right not to be “working on the book”.
I’ve also come to realize that one aspect of this book will never be complete…it’s a noise that will continue…a great noise that took place during the whole process of compiling this devotional…a continual (noise) prayer that the Lord would bless this devotional to the hearts of many. What a humbling thought! We were able to get some wonderful endorsements and the marketing being done for this book is phenomenal, including it being featured on over 30 blogs during the week of Nov. 11-17, and as I meditated on all this, the thought stuck me last night that I believe the Lord had to “break” me, and the awful sin of pride that creeps up in all our hearts, for many years in order that He could allow this great work to take place. We cannot do great things in life unless we are also a broken vessel fit for the Master’s use. Often when people are talking to me they refer to it as “your book” and almost every time I cringe inside…I know what they mean but to me its not “my” book, I was the instrument but God was the author…to Him be the glory. The most beautiful thing to me would be to hear the Lord using and blessing it.
Now I must move on. There are little “noises” already starting. I will be giving a topic to the Seminary Student’s wives in October and possibly starting a Bible/book study with them as well. It is such a joy to live a life of service. I pray that each of us may follow the Lord’s will and heed His calling and direction whatever that may be, even if it creates great “noises” in our life.

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