Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Almost Tangible

Over the last several weeks I couldn’t help but notice how people have been functioning in a more frenzied state than one would normally see. Rushing here and there…trying to get the best deals…looking out for “number one” etc. Last week as I was starting to back out of my parking spot at the grocery store a car came speeding up the isle. I decided to stop and wait only to be greeted with her hands thrown up in the air as if I’d done something wrong. Once out of my spot I happened to be driving right behind this same lady only to see a sticker on the back of her car that ironically said “Be nice!”

Today though I went early to the grocery store to grab a few groceries and in spite of the pouring rain the atmosphere was completely changed. There were smiles on many faces….greetings as people passed each other in the isles….people wishing others “merry Christmas”… people urging other people to go in front of them to checkout, and even total strangers striking up conversations in the checkout line. The whole store was in a lighthearted mood. To be honest it was a very pleasant way to shop…such extreme kindness it was almost tangible.

Driving away from the store I felt such sadness. Why do so many people allow themselves to be overtaken with the false joy of this world?  How many of those people were so happy because they were thinking of the real reason for Christmas? Was I spreading the true meaning of Christmas to others? Am I taking time during this busy Christmas season to reflect on Christ’s birth? Let us pause and be filled with joy, a joy in thinking about the birth of our dear Lord and Savior.
Wishing you and your family a joy filled and blessed Christmas. 

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