Thursday, February 6, 2014


There are times in our lives that we stand back in amazement at the goodness of God which leads us to be very humbled and desirous to worship in adoration. Times when we seek God’s will and see doors opening in the direction we believe His will is leading…times when we see spiritual growth in our children…times when in spite of inconveniences we observe the absolute beautifulness of the snow surrounding us…and of course for me most recently being brought through another great trial which in my doctor’s words yesterday was a “horrible mess.”  I’m so thankful that my shoulder is healing in spite of the difficult pain which he said was because of all the bone work in addition to the rotator cuff and the fact that I cannot have narcotics. I’m so thankful that he had wisdom to think of giving me a shot in my shoulder yesterday to try to give some relief…thankful for the helping hands of our children as I cannot move my arm for at least another 4 weeks.

Yes I’m so thankful that as I lay awake this morning at 4:30am I was not groaning in pain as other mornings but had some sweet relief. It was so quiet and peaceful in this house…I could just sit (cannot lay yet) and lift up my soul in sweet overwhelming adoration and communion to my dear Maker in heaven…no surrounding noise…no interruptions…no phones…no work to be done…just me and Him.

I was so able to see His goodness as I watch my children go through great trials but yet through them seeing spiritual growth. As much as I hurt with them, never would I want one of those trials removed that brings spiritual gain. I saw a little glimpse of how our Father must feel…on the one hand suffering in our suffering and yet rejoicing when the trial has not been wasted but instead brings spiritual growth.

As I lay awake this morning I couldn’t but help realize how important it is that we do not "waste" our trials. It will take an entire eternity for us to truly see the goodness of God...goodness in every trial…in every cross providence…in every blessing…in every step or misstep of our day…in every temptation…in every goodness…eternity hardly seems long enough to sit at His feet humbly adoring this great good God whom we serve.

 In sweet communion, Lord, with Thee
 I constantly abide;
 My hand Thou holdest in Thy own
 To keep me near Thy side.

 Thy counsel through my earthly way
 Shall guide me and control,
 And then to glory afterward
 Thou wilt receive my soul.

 Whom have I, Lord, in heaven but Thee,
 To Whom my thoughts aspire?
 And, having Thee, on earth is nought
 That I can yet desire.

 Though flesh and heart should faint and fail,
 The Lord will ever be
 The strength and portion of my heart,
 My God eternally.

 To live apart from God is death,
 'Tis good His face to seek;
 My refuge is the living God,
 His praise I long to speak.