Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Storm

Have you ever driven down the highway and off in the distance you saw dark menacing clouds clearly indicating there was an impending storm approaching? I remember driving from Iowa to Canada one year and off in the distance (because of the very flat land) we could see several thunderstorms. Two of these storms were producing twisters which would come out of the clouds, spiraling towards the land only to retreat back up into the storm. I’m sure directly beneath those clouds there were people watching, hoping that these twisters would not indeed touch the ground. As we drove down the highway we too, of course, were hoping that we would not have to drive through the middle of one of these storms.
There are times in our life that we can see in the distance an impending storm approaching. We can try all kinds of tricks to try to avoid these storms. Maybe we just bury our head in the sand and hope it goes away. Maybe we try to run the other way hoping it doesn’t catch up to us. Maybe we gloomily sit and wait for the “disaster” to strike. Let’s face it….storms are not fun. Maybe they are fun to watch from a distance but when they come closer….
To be honest, in personal life it’s not fun being in the middle of a ‘storm’. I am in the middle of a storm and today is a day where I can see a bit of silver lining but this storm isn’t over yet. I too have asked myself…why has God sent so many storms in my life? What is this storm trying to teach me? Am I such a slow learner? Will there any good come out of this? Do I dare to continue to ask God to conform me to the image of His Son? If so am I just asking for more storms? What do other people think of God when they see another affliction on my life?
I don’t know the answer to all these questions but there are several that I have worked through. Each storm that the Lord allows to descend upon His children are sent with a hand of love. This thought has comforted me so much through this present storm. Am I willing to be patient and submissive through this storm? How can I not when it comes with love? He has promised to never leave nor forsake and He has promised that underneath are the everlasting arms. This is such a great comfort. With this comfort I can sleep in between the attacks of heart spasms and not lay awake anxiously awaiting the next one. My husband asked me that the other night “how can you go back to sleep after this happens?” It’s these promises that make me relax and able to fall asleep until the next attack. My life is in His hands and this is my greatest comfort.
I also know that the longing of my heart is to be conformed to the image of the Lord Jesus Christ and I cannot stop asking God to do this in my life. It was only several weeks ago that the Lord made me very aware of a sin in my life and that awareness caused me great grief and sorrow, almost more than I’ve ever felt over any sin before. As I worked through that all I thanked the Lord for showing it to me in such a way and then I vividly thought…ok…hopefully now I can sail on smooth waters for awhile. But even before that thought had passed entirely out of my mind another thought came right on its tail…NO…I need to continue to pray to be conformed to His image fully knowing that it could me more trials…but not realizing they would come so quickly.
And so dear friends do not pity me…the Lord is and will take care of me. But please continue to pray for me that in this storm I would remain faithful to Him…speak well of Him…be a good example of a sufferer…not complain and come through with less self and more of Him flowing through my entire being.