Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Beautiful Response

This past weekend my husband was preaching in a local church and various people were asking me how I was doing. Often I answer with such phrases with, “being upheld” or “pretty good” or “up and down” or “OK” etc. and with that answer most people are satisfied. So once again on Sunday morning the questions were coming from various inquisitive people and I gave the typical answer. Now I must interject that last week was a very difficult week for me. I had done a lot of investigation into what could help my heart condition and also spoke online with various people who also suffered from it. I learned about a very specific exercise program that was carried out on 250 like people as me and many of them had a very improved lifestyle after 6 months of this program. The problem is that the common lay person cannot have access to the protocol but only one’s cardiologist can receive it. Immediately my Dr. emailed for the protocol but before he received it I started doing some of the rehab that I thought was in the protocol. To make a long story short we received the actual protocol last week Wednesday and realized that I was trying to do now what I should only be doing in the 3rd or 4th month so in the long run my zeal in actuality put me backwards, and almost landed me in the hospital. On Wednesday I spent 2½ hours in my doctor’s office before he felt comfortable enough to let me go back home.
That night I felt defeated and discouraged. I thought we were making progress and now I had lost all the ground I thought was gained and I had to do a 2 week pre-program before even starting the actual protocol. Thursday and Friday I was told had to be days of rest and slowly my heart returned to its more normal functions and I could start some slow activity.
On Sunday I was still feeling defeated and was still having some heart spasms when I found myself answering my pat answers over and over. There was a particular person though who really seemed genuinely interested and pressed me for more information. I ended up explaining what had happened in the previous days and she listened with care and compassion. I felt touched with her care but what she said at the end of the conversation made a profound impact on me. Not only did she show that she cared but with much love she said, “Donna, thank you so much for sharing that with me!” What a caring, compassionate, loving and kind thing to say to someone who shares what lies on their heart with you. That Christ-like response has left an indelible mark on me and I pray that I may in love draw out those who are burdened or hurting and may also respond in a Christ-like way…encouraging them not only to pray on and press on but to thank them for sharing their heart with me.