Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Go to the Birds....and Learn

Lately I have been observing these amazing creatures that God has created. All of us have heard the famous instructional text from Proverbs which says…”Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise” (Prov. 6:6) and yet I think we also could say, “Go to the birds….and learn.
So what is it that is so special to draw one’s attention to them?? I would like to give you 6 things to consider and apply to our own life.
1. Birds begin their day early…as soon as the daylight begins to dawn they begin to sing their praises…this often inspires me to also get up and begin working.
2. Birds sing constantly every day….no matter what the weather….hot or cold…no matter how they feel…I often have a song on my lips but it should not be often but always.
3. Birds sense when a storm is coming…they prepare by eating more, are quiet and observant during the storm, and as soon as it has passed their singing begins again….i pray that I too may be quiet, observe and learn from the storms in my life.
4. A bird will deny itself greatly for its offspring often overcoming great obstacles to care for them and to make sure they are fed and protected…I pray that I too may have the strength and compassion to care not only for the physical but also the spiritual wellbeing of my children.
5. A bird can only depend on God to provide its food…as do we.
6. A bird’s day ends long before midnight and it has quiet rest in order to have strength for the next day….let me learn from their wisdom.
Oh to always have a song on my lips!!

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  1. Wonderful thoughts from the life of birds :)
    Praise God that He has 'put a new song' in our mouths, else we would not praise Him at all. But, oh, for grace to praise Him more for all His wonderful works done .. to the sons of men, and to *me*.
    Thanks for posting x