Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Little Speck

According to weather predictions over the next 24 hours 100 million Americans and Canadians will be experiencing a massive snowstorm and in some cases a blizzard. As I looked online at the weather forecast and warnings I looked a bit further to see the satellite radar. Zooming out to see the entire US and Canada there was a small area on the map which didn’t seem to be such a threatening storm but as I zoomed in it became increasingly larger. I have often done this when a major storm is approaching and often the same thoughts come to mind and that is how small and insignificant things look from a distance. Here I am looking at a massive snowstorm and it looks like a little speck. How much more like a speck of dust must we look like from the throne of heaven. And yet….we know that our heavenly Maker not only sees us but cares for us and has “fearfully and wonderfully” made everyone of us that not even one hair can fall from our heads without His direction; no tear can run down our face without Him seeing it; no cry can come from our lips and no prayer from our hearts without Him hearing. What a great God we have! Psalm 145

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