Saturday, January 1, 2011


Everyone who has a laptop or computer fears one thing – hard drive failure or maybe better explained a computer that totally crashes and hasn’t been backed up for over 3 months. That is precisely what happened to me on Thursday evening. Accidentally, a very strong magnet was placed too close to my laptop and the rest is history…literally. As I lay in bed that night I had the feeling of being robbed….yes robbed of 3 months of information and pictures. It even more so gave me an extremely helpless feeling knowing that all that has been put on my laptop in these last months can never be retrieved.

Of course my initial reaction was sadness and unbelief. Then reality began to set in and slowly I recalled to mind one by one the things that were lost: family pictures….Bible Study notes…..Apples of Gold information….Church Bulletin information…..personal writings….email information….plus a host of misc. things.
And so after the initial shock passed I have asked myself why? Why did this happen? Why do we now have to spend countless of hours reinstalling everything on a new hard drive when it seems like my husband already doesn’t have enough hours in a day? I know all things are in the providence of God and so this too was ordered by the hand of God. Are there lessons that God is trying to convey to me through this loss? I realize I will probably never know the answers to these questions but one thing I have learned is that everything we have on this earth is temporary and often beyond our control. What we think is ours can be gone in a moment. As I meditated this fact I saw with greater clarity that one day everything on this earth will be gone up in smoke and what really matters then is the condition of the only thing we possess that will never die….our souls. As we enter 2011 I hope that this perspective will stay with me and that I do not set my affections too strongly on any thing that this earth contains but on Him who is unmovable, and unfailing. I wish you all a blessed 2011!

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  1. Oh what a shame for that to happen. But, you are right - all is in God's providence, and it does our heart so much good to see things from that point of view. I do, though, hope you get everything up and running soon x